Allington Equine- Your Professional Horse Rug Cleaning and Repair Service

My husband and I founded Allington Equine in October 2015 with the sole aim of providing our customers with a professional and speedy horse rug cleaning, proofing and repair service.

After a lifetime of owning, managing and riding horses we have experienced first-hand poor quality rug cleaning and repair and believe we can do much better.

We also know how busy horse owners are and therefore wanted to create an ordering system that fitted around your busy schedule. We have therefore created an easy to use online ordering and payment service that can be accessed on your mobile phone which enables you to place and pay for an order whilst on the move.

To make your life simpler we offer free home pick-up and delivery for over 10 rugs or - if you drop-off your rugs to our Romsey laundry – same day collection.

On receipt your rug will be tagged with your own dedicated ID number and we will provide you with a courtesy rug if required. Once washed your rug will be dried thoroughly at our laundry and packed neatly ready for collection.

We are developing a network of local drop-off points at a location closer to you and if you would like to become a collection point and receive a discounted rate for your rug cleaning please do get in touch.

We passionately believe that a clean and properly fitting horse rug is essential to a horse’s well-being. If the rug is broken or not specifically fitting to your horse then it can be a discomfort and lead to irritation and unpredictable behaviour. Dirty coats can potentially infect open wounds, and can again cause irritation and rashes. It can also lead to an unhappy horse which is unhealthy in itself.

We look forward to being of service and please do get in touch with me directly on 01794 329850 or email to find out more about our horse rug cleaning, proofing and repair service.